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    PAID Version vs FREE version w/ premium in app purchase?

    ACC6453393 Newbie

      Former HAVA user back in the day. Just set up my slingbox 500 working fine. I have no problem paying for apps as I want continues updates and bug fixes which is something HAVA struggled with. I see there is a paid version for $15 or a free version with an in app purchase for $15. I see the version numbers are different since I haven't bought anything yet which one should I get? I take it since the free one will always have more downloads and support I'm leaning towards the free version and making in app purchase. I also need to do this for Android as well so wondering which route to take there as well. Slingplayer works on my M9 from my initial testing. I also made another post about the desktop player, having NO option to remove ads it's totally unacceptable. Why isn't this an option on the desktop side?