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    Screen flicker on with ATI Radeon 5670 using Slingbox M2

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      Just connected up a new Slingbox M2 with wifi connection -- everything is perfect, video and audio streams great, except the screen (on my computer) flickers black for a brief instant every 2 seconds on my computer in slingplayer.   I had an older Slingbox model and never had this problem, using the same desktop, router, video card, etc., as I'm using now.  Slingbox help said to change the "Adaptive contrast enhancement" setting on Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel, but I don't have that because I use an ATI Radeon video card.  I have something called an "ATI Catalyst Control Center," which I think is the ATI equivalent, but haven't figured found a setting for  "Adaptive contrast enhancement" or what, if any settings, to change there.  Anyone else have a flicker like this when using an ATI Radeon 5670 video card??


      Thanks in advance for you suggestions and help!