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    How can I get my order fulfilled?


      I have recently purchased my 3rd slingbox in an effort to upgrade to the Slingbox 500. Been a sling user for about 8 years now. But am having issues with Slingbox fulfilling my order, is there anything I can do to get support on this issue. I have gone through the below steps and am at a loss. Even just an answer as to when my order may be fulfilled would at least be a start. Please advise!


      • I had called a sales agent after several tries at ordering online. The agent I spoke to indicated the were a SlingBox Sales Rep and assisted me in my order.
      • I received confirmation that my order was placed and being processed from TigerDirect.com (confusing, but ok)
      • 4 days later...TigerDirect sent an email saying they were out of stock, but no further info on the order.
      • I called TigerDirect and was on hold for 45min.
      • Spoke to an agent for about 10min and was informed my purchase should have never been processed and SlingBox should not be advertising the ability to make such purchase on their site because the warehouse was out of stock and there was no indication when they would receive new inventory. TigerDirect stores in the meantime have inventory but the software system doesn't allow my purchase to be fulfilled via a store's stock. Instructed to either wait or cancel my order and go to a store location where it is available. What?
      • Tried to get further assistance but was put on hold for 30 min. Hung up.
      • Called Slingbox for support on the matter and was redirected to a sales rep who indicated they worked for Slingbox. Explained my situation as I was originally trying to get an ETA on my order but now becoming frustrated with the process.
      • After explaining all this....sales rep informs me they are actually a tigerdirect sales rep. They cannot assist me further and I need to call slingbox again but reassured me in a snarky way that Slingbox will not assist me.
      • Call slingbox support and was redirected to another rep, tell my story only to be informed they are directrivers.com employees who handle the online orders, since I didn't order online this was a dead end.
      • Call slingbox support and the support rep and supervisor (both of whom were very helpful and awesome) explain to me how Tigerdirect handles all phone sales, directrivers handles online orders and they themselves cannot patch me through to any other sales support as Slingbox doesn't have a product management team that deals with the poor customer assistance from the vendors (no shot at directrivers here, they were helpful as best they could be).
      • Instructed to start a discussion on slingbox.com because that is the only way slingbox employees communicate not just with customers but within the business lines. Wow!


      So, all I was after was an answer to when will my order would be fulfilled. I received confirmation of the order, then it took 4 days to be told it was backorder, then told it should have never been placed through tigerdirect sales reps because they have been out of inventory for some time and have no way of knowing when stock will come in. Really?


      What is the deal with this process. Yes I would like my order fulfilled but I would even be happy with some sort of reasonable ETA. Tigerdirect cannot provide answers and Slingbox has no real way to support these types of issues? Does Slingbox even know tigerdirect cannot fulfill orders? Does Slingbox know TigerDirect is out of stock? Can slingbox assist in getting the stock replenished?


      Why is this such a hassle? 


      Could someone from Slingbox please assist in this matter?

      Thank you