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    Apple mobile app asking for login every launch


      This is a known issue that's not being dealt with check the forums. Everytime I launch the slingplayer app on my iPhone (and I mean everytime) it asks me to agree to terms of service and type my full login email and all. My iPad app does not do this, same version. Further this problems has persisted thru three updates and several reinstall attempts.


      My iPhone is NOT jailbroken however the only person who has fixed this I'm aware of did so because he was jailbroken and had access to the file system. This is on u sling, it's insane that this is a persistent issue. Does anyone at sling do any product testing before a release? I've had more technical problems with my sling setup then any other tech I've ever used period.


      I'm not saying please, this is a joke, fix this.