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    Slingbox 350 Constantly Needs Reset

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      I am offsite for an extended period.


      I had a friend set up a Slingbox 350 for me at my house so I could watch local sports for 2-3 years.


      Good friends, trustworthy but not particularly tech savvy. Took forever but they finally got it working. Then the picture was OK but the colors were all wrong. Went online and got them to swap the green/blue cables which fixed the colors and seemed to just improve things in general.


      So, everything would be great, except now the Slingbox keeps needing to be reset. It has been up and running for less than a month and it's needed reset 3 times, and is currently down. My friends are not always easy to get a hold of and they generally can't immediately go to the house and reset it, even if they were willing to.


      Football season is almost upon us and this is unacceptable.


      Is it common for the box to need to be reset that much? Is it possible they did something wrong?


      I have read other people put their boxes on timers so they reset periodically, or they even have remote internet controlled power strips they can use to reset their boxes.


      I really hope I don't have to ask my friends to do another technical task like install a remote internet power strip. Hoping it's something simple like the cables were.


      Can anybody help?