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    No video signal - no virtual remote

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      Before I left the UK at the end of June, after much cursing and swearing, I finally got the M1 working. When I arrived in he US it wouldn't work and I just get this "no video signal" error message (no sound either).


      My son has tried resetting the M1 and checked everything is still connected as I left it.


      I've noticed that I don't have a virtual remote controller either. According to the Sling website:


      Check for new virtual remotes after updating your SlingPlayer software

      After updating your software to the latest version, it's always good to reselect your virtual remote control for your A/V equipment, just to make sure you are using the latest and the greatest. Here's how!


      While SlingPlayer includes virtual remote controls for thousands of devices, there are new set-top boxes and other audio/video devices coming out every day. SlingPlayer needs to have the virtual remote for your particular audio/video device in order to control that device from your computer or mobile phone.

      If your device is not currently listed, be sure to check back in the Audio/Video Setup whenever there is an update to the software. This update may come in the form of a new version of SlingPlayer or in a separate Virtual Remote update.

      Below are the instructions for using the Setup Assistant (for both Windows and Mac OS computers) to specify a new virtual remote control after you’ve updated your software. You don’t need to reconfigure Remote Viewing. Just specify your device and you're done.

      You may want to do this if:

      • you have a video device that wasn’t listed during set up in the previous version of the software.
      • you have a new video device.
      • you want to connect to a different device.

      Making these changes is easy. Here’s how to do it for Windows (Mac OS is below):

      1. Go to the Slingbox Directory (choose Slingbox Directory from the Connect menu).
      2. Click on your Slingbox, and then click Connect.
      3. As your Slingbox is connecting, choose Setup Assistant from the Settings menu.
        The Setup Assistant launches.


      However, at this point an advert launches - when I kill that the Settings menu is greyed out while the connection is being made. As soon as the connection is made there's no option to go to the setup assistant. It's galling that  the only thing I can see is an advert.


      Any ideas what to try next? It's now been two months and I've probably forgotten what little I know about setting up the SB. The Support seems to be out of date and doesn't accurately reflect what I see during various steps.