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    Lots of weird behaviour!


      Here's a weird one:


      I've been succesfuly watching my SlingBox Solo a long way from home from over a year. However, there are some issues that are really bugging me and I'd like to solve them.


      First, let me tell you that I have upgraded the SB to the latest firmware and I'm running MacOS 10.6.4



      - I'm still using SlingPlayer for Mac 1.0.7 and there's a good reason for that: If I upgrade, my password won't work! I know it's the right password because I use to connect as Admin via 1.0.7, but if try any other newer version, it will keep prompting for my password and won't connect! This is very annoying, because every 20 minutes or so I'm asked if I want to upgrade the software with a big dialog box on top of the image. There should be a way of telling the SlingPlayer NOT to bug me with that!


      - It takes forever to connect to the SB. Even thought after it connects I get a good picture with speeds from 1000-2000kbps. Sometimes it will take a full minute to connect, after succesfully locating the SB. I even tried putting the IP manually, still the same issue.


      - Remote is sometimes unresponsive, sometimes it takes a few seconds. All is connected properly and the blaster is sitting right in front of the cable box sensor.


      - From time to time, the streaming will freeze. The connection doesn't drop, only the picture and sound freeze. To correct it, I click on any remote button and it goes back to streaming.



      Any ideas?