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    Rogers Cisco Nextbox PVR

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      Hello, I previously used my Slingbox 500 with a different cable provider and everything worked perfectly (ie - I'm not a rookie when dealing with this).

      I just moved and switched to Rogers Cable (Canada). I have a Cisco Nextbox (9865HD) PVR. I have it all setup and working. The picture and sound are fine but I can't get the remote to work. I've tried numerous different Cisco remotes and I get the same results. While setting it up and changing the input settings I get to the "test remote" screen, I play around with the buttons and it works fine. I accept the changes then go to my browser or app. For the first 5 minutes or so everything will work fine and as it's a supposed to. After my initial tests are done if I go back and try to change the channel 5 minutes later it doesn't work.

      So again, the video and sound work fine. I signal is fantastic. I just can't get the remote to work. The exact remote isn't in the list but there are several "Rogers Nextbox", "Rogers Nextbox PVR", etc and all of them give the same results... work for about 5 minutes and then stop.

      For the record, I started using HDMI and then switched to component cables while troubleshooting... they both yield the same results.

      Getting a bit frustrated and wondering if anyone else has had this issue.