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    "Exception Breakout" Error


      When opening up my Slingplayer for Desktop it seems to take an inordinate amount of time, then I get a pop-up describing an "exception breakout" error. See attached pic for error as received. Clicking the OK button will close the program.


      I have tried rebooting my machine and will get the same error. So far this pop-up has occurred 2-4 times, then Slingplayer eventually connects and works properly.


      Any ideas on how I can avoid a long start-up process without knowing when, if ever, I will actually connect?


      Using Slingplayer Desktop Ver and Windows 10.1 64 bit.


      Thanks for any input!

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Gary!


          First, let's make sure you're using a supported computer operating system.  Here is our article on this (it relates to browsers, but applies to Slingplayer for Desktop as well):



          If you're using a supported operating system, but still see the error, try this process, as it seems to be working for most of our customers who come across this error:



          1) Click the Windows icon at the bottom, and go to the search (magnifying glass) icon.


          2) Type the following: %appdata%


          3) Go to the Sling Media folder.


          4) Click on the "cefCache" folder, then right click it, and go to "delete"


          5) You should now be able to log in and connect to your Slingbox over Slingplayer for Desktop.



          In addition, if you log out of the application before you close it, you shouldn't come across this error the next time you log in.


          Hope this helps!  Let us know if it doesn't.



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            I've had this problem for quite some time and have had to delete the cef  cache many,  many times.  There is a problem with the Singbox software that they won't or can't fix.  I am

            totally sick and tried of having to delete the cache and log in every time I  leave the app.  This is taking way too long Slingbox