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    Missing buttons on Samsung GX-CM700CF virtual remote (act 2)


      (It seems that I'm not allowed / not able to respond to a discussion - so I have to add a new one as response to the answer. Sorry about that.)


      Thanks Alan for quick response.

      Now I understand nada so I had to help myself with that beer.


      Let's start with what I think I understand:

      Ref to attached C2010 picture I get it that all greyed buttons West, East, NW and NE of the Record button as well as the Blue and White buttons are free to use!?

      Also Page U/D seem to be of no use!??

      The Quick Skip wording is from the Virgin Tivo virtual remote.


      What I don't understand is that the C2010_PL you send did not contain any Quick Skip L/R!??

      Furthermore Menu lost its function and is now reached from Last channel!??

      Also Exit seems to be gone.

      Where did this go wrong?

      I've downloaded your bin file and installed twice, in vain.


      Best regards




      Virgen Tivo.jpgC2010_PL.BIN as of 29Oct2015.jpg

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          alanrichey42 Master

          First thing to fix is your inability to reply.  If you search the Forum you will find the usual reason is that you have specified only one name in the account.  Apparently Jive is a bit touchy about that and requires both a first and second name.  Is that the reason ?


          As for the file, I don't know what happened there, but I agree the Skip buttons were not mapped.  The problem is I cannot remember the codes now. I know they were in the low 40s so I have mapped 41 & 42 on this file.  Note the buttons either side of the Record button will always be greyed out,  Sling put them in as decoration


          I haven't changed the Page+/- buttons so no explanation there.


          So is this one any better ?