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    Plug in install not possible - blocked access, CRITICAL FAILURE


      Using a work computer to stream while traveling internationally for business means the web viewing is 95% of my use for slingbox. 


      I cannot install a plugin without bringing it through IT approval, which is more pain than I can bare.


      Unless I can stream slingbox without Explorer browser plug ins or Google giggle, this is my last slingobx purchase. 


      Slingox is barely on the radar of society. If you expect to grow you cannot lose an advocate lof people like me who are generally ahead of the curve in the slower tech but big spender once they get it segment.  I bring up slingbox up to my contacts all the time, in a god way before.  Now I would have to say it sucks. 


      I see many others with issues around this product.


      Fix this back!!!!