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    Missing buttons on Samsung GX-CM700CF virtual remote


      I'm using the latest version of Alan Richey's C2010_PL (the one with the working Menu button) for the Samsung GX-CM700CF.

      Works fine except for that I'm really missing the buttons for Quick Skip L/R to easier get rid of all ads.


      Another thought is for the use of the virtual remote on Tablets. I've not been able to access the Custom codes - is there a way?

      Could those be placed on the generic remote? There seems to be a couple of unused buttons, even when the Skip buttons would be added.


      Thanks to Alan for his great work.


      I've tried to add this request to previous discussions re this remote but have not been able to....



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          alanrichey42 Master

          OK, you definitely owe me a beer or two for this one   It has taken me over 3 hours to figure out what the Skio command codes are for this box, but I think I have managed it.  New BIN file attached.


          And you cannot access Custom Buttons on tablets.  I have been complaining about this to Sling Media for about 2 years and they refuse to do anything about it.  I find it utterly ridiculous that they put icons on the top line so you can access buttons that are available on the remote but won't put an icon there to access buttons that aren't on the remote.  As usual though they refuse to explain their reasoning.


          I could move them, but I don't see any spare buttons.  Which are you referring to ?