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    Slingbox M1 - Sky+HD Component picture unwatchable




      I've recently purchased a Slingbox M1 to use with my Sky+HD 1TB PVR.


      For the first couple of moths I've been using it with composite video fed from the Sky box and streaming to iphone, ipad and desktop apps without any real problems other than occasional buffering.


      As the M1 has component inputs I'd much rather use these for enhanced picture quality.


      I purchased a  Portta HDMI to YPbPr Component RGB 1080P Video Converter from Amazon to bridge the connection from the Sky box to the Slingbox, this however didn't seem to work at all so the device was returned.

      I've now purchased ESYNiC HD 1080 HDMI to 5 RCA RGB Ypbpr Component AV Video stereo Converter (upgrade version).  When connected to the HDMI of the Sky box and component in of the Slingbox I get clear sound but an unwatchable picture (see attached image below)

      When I change the Sky box hdmi output to 576 I get a clear but low resolution picture, as soon as I change this back to 720p or 1080i the unwatchable picture returns.

      I've also tried connecting a DVD player with component out directly to the slingbox and get no picture at all.

      To make sure the converter was working ok I've tried running the Sky HDMI feed into it and back out to another TV which has component inputs. This functions perfectly on 576, 720p and 1080i, which points to an issue with the Slingbox.

      I would greatly appreciate any advice to help with getting this problem resolved.  Having really enjoyed the ability to watch tv away from home I now feel I'm stuck with a faulty box which I won't be able to fully use .

      Many thanks,



      slingboxm1 fault.png