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    Degraded Slingbox quality between Germany and N.America

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      Hopefully I am posting this in the right area, if not, forgive me.


      I've got a slingbox pro-hd on both sides of the Atlantic, one in Hamburg, Germany and one in Victoria, BC Canada.


      Since July 17th I have seen a huge loss in the bitrate between the German slingbox and my local Slingplayer (web, iPad, Catcher, WDtv etc) for traffic that originates in Germany.

      Going the other direction (from Canada to German) there has been no significant loss in the bitrate.

      I asked my ISP and they said based on my tracert and information the issue resides at the uplink source.

      I have used multiple VPN sites to try to identify the source of my issue (VPN provider hide.me).

      Prior to July 17 my bitrate was a consistent 1800-2100 since July 17 its been a miserable 180-500 kb/s which on a 40" TV is unwatchable.

      googling the topic indicates that no anyone else using Slingbox is posting of a similar experience.

      The Gaming community mentions that for the better part of the last year there are known packet loss issues at the AS3320 german peering backbone.

      I have tried to trace the source of the degradation as best as I can (not being an expert) using pingplotter (good tool)

      Even if I am able to identify the source of the throttling I have zero expectation that DeutscheTelekom would do anything for me a slingbox user.

      Question: anyone else having any similar experiences? How to best diagnose? I can categorically rule out my Canadian ISP as the source of my frustration. Everything seems to point to DeutscheTelekom at the network peering layer (to Telia or NTT)

      anyone have any suggestions, comments?