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    Cox mini-box and Slingbox 500

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      Been trying for days to get my slingbox to work--here is what I have tried and found:


      New Cox minibox has only HDMI output and is not content protected they tell me.

      When I hook up the minibox to the slingbox, all is fine until I start to stream, then no audio on the tv or on the stream.

      I tried also hooking up component output from the slingbox to the tv, but didn't help--I guess because I did not have component input?

      I then tried hooking up my DVD player, it works using component, but not HDMI, no audio or video in that case.

      Sling box support says must be protection

      Cox support doesn't know why it wont work other than the minibox is so new--

      I think I have 2 options--try a HDMI converter/adapter so I can use component hookups

      or Cox says I can get a different HD box that has component hookups, but it costs more per month than the mini and in a few months will be more than the adapter box.


      Any ideas or suggestions?