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    Does slingbox 500 work with xfinity x1


      Does the slingbox 500 work with xfinity x1?

        My old cable box has five conections that come from the slingbox (not including the HDMI cable) there are only three slots on the new cable box to receive them.

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Robert!


          The Slingbox can be hooked up with this cable box in one of two ways:


          1) Use the composite (red, white, yellow) ports and cables to hook the Slingbox and cable box together (this will give you a standard definition signal).


          2) If you wish to get an HD signal to the Slingbox, we recommend the use of an HDMI adapter, which will allow you to hook the Slingbox up to the cable box using the HDMI port in your cable box, and the component (red, blue, green, red, white) ports in your Slingbox..  Here is some information on this:



          Hope this helps!