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    Slingcatcher restarts often


      I acquired a Slingcatcher last December.  I am using it to placeshift my Dish service to my bedroom.  I found that I was having to enter my Slingbox password once or twice a week.  I contacted Slingmedia support in January 2010 and the tech said that a firmware update was "coming soon" and that I should call back in April, if I was still having the problem.  I never saw the promised firmware update and I was still having the problem, so I contacted them in April and was told that I would need to pay for a support call!  It is now July.  Still no firmware to fix the problem.  I have to enter the password once or twice a day.  It appears that the Slingcatcher reboots once or twice a day and that is why I am required to enter the password.  I have been watching the placeshifted video and have seen the screen go blank and then seen the startup sequence that happens when the unit is first plugged in.


      HW VERSION 00010001



      Anyone else having the same problem?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I did, and reported it back to Sling, but I have to admit that was on an earlier version of the firmware and I have not seen it happen since I went to


          But with Slingcatcher apparently being discontinued I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for a firmware upgrade,  I think we are stuck with what we have now

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              Why is it being discontinued, are they getting something better out ?

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                  eferz Expert

                  It's only discontinued in the United States.  You can still get it outside of the US, like from Canada and United Kingdom.


                  They haven't declared why it is discontinued.  I would suspect it has something to do with development and manufacturing costs.  There seems to be a huge discrepancy with the MSRP of $299.99 and the products moving price.  It appears Americans are only willing to spend around $100 to $150 for a media extender.  That's over half off of the MSRP which probably sealed the fate of the SlingCathcher in the US.


                  The other problem is that Sling Media halted development for the platform.  They could not keep up with emerging technologies.  If you go into the SlingCathcer forums, you'll see various technologies which people have problems interacting with the SlingCatcher platform.


                  I'm hoping that GoogleTV will eventually take the place of the SlingCatcher as a media extender of the Slingbox.  As I understand the GoogleTV boxes will be built around the Andriod platform.  According to their timeline they will be able to particpate in the Google Andriod Marketplace in 2011.  If the Slingplayer Mobile for Andriod is compatible with GoogleTV platform then we'd be able to watch Slingbox with it.  If not, then it wouldn't be a far stretch for Sling Media to develop a client for it.

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                Resist Newbie

                I am having the same issue!  In the last 3 days of using my Slingcatcher, it has asked for my password information every single day, it's very annoying.

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                  Mine used to reboot a lot and ask for the password a lot. Turns out the power adapter was on the wane. I got a new power adapter and it's been great since



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                    I have the same exact problem, very annoying! I need to configure the video setup every time this happens.


                    My hardware is version 00030001 and same sw version


                    I hope Slingbox support will fix this problem ASAP!