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    Chromecast - Wrong Aspect Ratio in Standard Definition (4:3 rather than 16:9 Widescreen)


      I've seen others mention this problem on other Slingbox forums, but seemingly no one has mentioned this in the forum for Device Enhancements.


      My Setup : Sky Satellite Box --> Slingbox --> Android Tablet --> Chromecast --> TV


      Standard Definition !! : The Sky Box does not have Component Output...  It has HDMI & Composite only.  I therefore have to connect to the slingbox using the SD Red / White / Yellow Composite cables.


      Problem :-

      When viewing the picture on the *tablet*, the picture is fine.  I do have to specify to the tablet to show the picture in widescreen format however.  Once that is done, the picture shown is the perfect aspect ratio.

      When viewing the picture on the *Chromecast*, the picture is shown all squashed vertically.  Ie. it is showing the widescreen picture within a 4:3 box within the centre of the widescreen TV.  The distortion makes watching this way all but impossible.


      Workable Solutions (from other forums) :-

      Other people state that buying an HDMI to Component Converter, and then connecting to the Slingbox via the resultant component cables solves this issue.  I accept that this is almost certainly one solution to this problem.  However it is a solution which requires expenditure (approx £35 / $50) and needs an additional power outlet.  Not a valid solution for me !!


      My Proposed Solution :-

      This is a software / app problem.  Not a hardware problem !!


      Multiple articles on the internet state clearly that widescreen is possible within a standard definition TV picture.  All that is needed is to ensure 'Widescreen Signaling' is embedded within the TV picture.  The Slingbox app (which claims to support Chromecast) needs to be updated with the option to embed Widescreen Signaling within the TV picture.  Wikipedia notes this signal as a 'run-in code and start code followed by 14 bits of information'.  This is surely an easy thing to program into the App.

      Widescreen signaling - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


      Please program this option in.  Without it, the Chromecast (for me) is all but unusable.