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    Remote Control

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      Does anyone know a file that will duplicate the remote control for the LG Bluray Recoder BR629T using Slingbox 500?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          I assume you have already done a proper Forum Search for your model number in case other people have already answered your question ?


          If so and that didn't help then check out this thread:  https://community.sling.com/message/10363#10363


          Come back if it that doesn't help either.



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              Hi and thank you very much for responding so quickly.

              I have searched the forum and found nothing similar to mine.

              So, please add a remote for the LG Bluray Recoder, model BR629T.


              I also searched (unsuccessfully) for Foxtel IQ2 (Australian version). Our model is TDC851NF or TDS851NF (this one is not urgent as I have found a .bin file named S1175_PL.bin which is a very close match to the above mentioned remote control).


              Thank you again and hope you can help.



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                  alanrichey42 Master

                  I can't add a remote to the database, only Sling can do that.   But I am a bit surprised you cannot find a match as LG use all the same codes for their DVD Recorders.  I have written quite a few Custom Remotes for those devices so you should have found some over at the JP1 forum where my post told you to look.   As an example, the LG RHT-497H DVDR Custom Remote (follow the link) should have worked.   It's quite an old remote so follow the new installation instructions at



                  As for the Foxtel IQ2, again I produced a Custom Remote for that a long time ago and it is also in the download section at the JP1 forum.   How come you didn't find it ?   (I hope you actually read the post I linked to ?)