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    Video but no Audio


      I have a slingbox 350: Has anyone had any trouble with their audio not playing when watching live?   I can get video to stream, but no sound is coming through.  All other functions are working on the device just no sound whatsoever.  I have tried multiple setting changes on the TV, satellite settings, and sling settings with no positive results.  Its almost as if there is a short in the red and white ports.   Any suggestions  on where to start would be appreciated. 

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Ashley!


          With audio issues, I would recommend trying a couple troubleshooting steps:


          1) Try going to your cable box's audio settings, and look for an option to "Optimize Audio".  I've seen this work a number of times!


          2) If that doesn't help, or there is no option to optimize audio, we'll want to find where the problem is coming from.  What I would do is take the A/V cables you have running from the cable box to the Slingbox, and run them from the cable box to the TV, and see if audio works there.  If not, you know is coming from either the cables, or the cable box itself (you can try a different set of cables to check).


          Hope this helps!



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              Thanks Evan,  i checked the cable boxes audio settings.  No "optimize" feature.  i am running a standard connection because the Joey I am using from dish network is not equipped with green blue and red connections.  My audio from the TV to cable box works fine with red and white audio connections.  I read somewhere about firmware updates?  could this be the issue, and if so would that resolve the issue?