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    Is the support for this product dreadful or is it me?


      I have just pulled this unit out of its box. Set up appeared to be easy. Problem was I have a Sony laptop without a network port (it is a composite network port on the power supply that acts like a wifi).


      So I installed the player and it could not find it. I wnet to the router and found the IP address that had been dished out to the Sling box ( I can ping this fine...but will it connect to the player? No way.


      So I went to my desktop and tried the same thing. Ping was fine. Install the player. "This is only support ed for Windows 7 and above".


      FFS, I just want to configure the thing. It shouldn't be beyond the wit of man to allow this.

      or do not work either. There must be a specific port or web-page I need to access. WHY DON'T YOU GIVE IT IN THE INSTRUCTIONS!


      Then you come to the web-pages. No contact numbers or emails. No chat. NO SUPPORT.


      So you go on the web. Others have the same problem. No solutions in site.


      My last resort is to call the vendor. Looks like it is going back.