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    Intermittent Video Connection Problems

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      I just ordered and received a refurbished Slingbox 350 and set it up with a DirecTV receiver. Sometimes the Slingbox works fine. However, if the Slingbox or DirecTV receiver get moved for any reason, the picture and/or audio can stop working. I have already tried replacing the component cables and the troubleshooting steps for picture issues, including ensuring that no HDMI cables are connected to the receiver. I've also power cycled both the Slingbox and the DirectTV receiver. Everything is pointing to an intermittent connection problem in the Slingbox connectors.


      Even though the refurbished Slingbox was supposed to come with a manufacturer warranty, the Slingbox website says that my 350 was activated in 2013 and is out of warranty. I just got in Monday, so something must not have gotten reset when it was refurbished. I'd like to get the warranty reinstated.


      Short of filing a warranty claim, is there anything else I can try to fix the problem?