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    Chromecast Android Issues


      When I try to cast to my Chrome-cast it plays fine for about 3-5 minutes and then the picture shrinks and plays for a minute more and crashes. It seems like it has issues with sizing itself to the screen. I have seen this happen in two ways. The first way, I described where it switches to half my screen and almost looks like an extreme letterbox format the other is the smaller picture moves to the top of the screen and the bottom gets full of distorted boxy colors. It is not the easy problem to describe and I cannot seem to find anything on the issue.I find a lot of people complaining about slow streaming or buffering issues, but this has nothing to do with that. It appears on Chrome-cast the android app has problems finding and keeping a proper aspect ratio and then crashes. I have tried it from both my phone a Galaxy S3 and my Galaxy Note 10.1. Neither work and the same problem occurs. I can only stream if I cast my whole tablet screen which makes it not possible to surf else where or shut it off to save battery. Any feed back would be great. Thanks.

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          Raushawd Novice

          Hello devguy,


          It appears that you are running into a very specific type of issue. I have several questions to help me get a better idea of the situation. Have you attempted to use any other apps with the Chromecast to see if you have the same issue? Also have you attempted to reboot the chromecast? Below I will provide the article that outlines the majority of our troubleshooting when it comes to Chromecast. Also just make sure that this isn't some type of latent connectivity issue I will provide an link to a website that will assist with gauging your internet speeds. As a footnote also please try a fresh un-install and re-install as instructed in the article below.



          • speedtest.net - Network Test




          Hope This Helps


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              Here are the answers to your questions.

              Have you attempted to use any other apps with the Chromecast to see if you have the same issue?  Yes, I can stream other apps like netflix, youtube and such without any issue.

              Also have you attempted to reboot the chromecast?  Yes, multiple times I rebooted the chrome-cast.

              Also just make sure that this isn't some type of latent connectivity issue I will provide an link to a website that will assist with gauging your internet speeds.I have checked my internet connection before and I get about 50 mbps down and 18-20 mbps up. I can stream over the internet to my phone no problem. I am using my chrome-cast on the same network as the slingbox both in my home.

              As a footnote also please try a fresh un-install and re-install as instructed in the article below. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app. Is there anything else I need to do like clear cache or something. It did not work.

              Honestly, I think it an issue with the app and aspect ratio. I also tried it with YouMap on my fire tv stick and that also does the same thing. Does not work on the youmap fire stick or the chrome-cast device I own. It is rather frustrating and disappointing.

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                  evan.sling Novice

                  Hi devguy!


                  I would try a couple more things.


                  First, try using the Chromecast app in your phone to factory reset the Chromecast.


                  1) Launch the Chromecast app, and click the cog wheel to the right of the name of your Chromecast.


                  2) Tap the icon with the three dots on the upper right of your screen.


                  3) Select to factory reset the Chromecast.



                  If that doesn't help, we want to dig a little further (if able) and see where the issue is coming from.  Something you might try is using a different platform (Slingplayer for Tablets, Slingplayer for iPhone, Slingplayer for iPad) with this Chromecast, and see if the issue repeats itself.  Also, I do not know if you have a different Chromecast, but if by chance you do, or can gain access to one, I would try casting to it, and see the results.


                  Let us know if you are able to test it out, and what the results are.



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                      Resetting chromecast did not work. This is what it does after a few minutes of playing fine. The screen just shrinks and displays the lines picture below. Worked with a Roku I tried, but not chromecast. Image of problem below...



                      I also tried the two tablets and two different versions phone and tablet version both do the same thing.

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                        Please respond and dig into this issue further. It works fine on both of our setups using Roku but not chromecast.

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                          Are you still here and do you represent Sling? This is not an isolated issue. There are threads open in the slingbox and chromecast community forums.  Is anyone going to provide a fix to the slingplayer app?  I've paid for it and e-mailed the developer from Google Play store and have had no response. Someone needs to take this seriously from users that have purchased hardware and software.

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                              Golfbal1 Newbie

                              What cable provider and/or ISP do you have?


                              This might help figure out who is responsible.  Sling looks suspect because I had things work in Apple but not Android.


                              I have comcast.

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                                  I have Fios, but the issue is not ISP related, I'm fairly sure its an

                                  incompatibility with the Chromecast Gen 2.

                                  I have my Sling M350 and its casts just fine to my Chromecast Gen1.


                                  It looks like Sling isn't keeping up with the changes in device revs.

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                                      Simply not true. This not ISP or tv provider related. This has been an open ticket for months.

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                                          @devguy I'm assuming you were replying to Golfbal1, I agree 100% (as I stated in my post) the issue has nothing to do with ISP/cable provider.

                                          Are you using Chromecast Gen1 or Gen2? I just purchased another Gen 1 to see if it behaves properly like my other Gen1.

                                          My guess is the M350 and M500 have an issue streaming to Chromecast Gen2 recievers. Most likely becase Google changed something and Sling has yet to admit, find it, or update its firmware.

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                                              Golfbal1 Newbie

                                              at 11:45am 1.19.2016 out of the blue the infamous Chromecast 2 scrunching began again after working for about 4 days.  Last week the problem happened right about the same time on the same day and last 3 days.  I believe Sling is doing something on their end and is clipping us. Then when we say something they simply say it is us and everything works perfectly for them.


                                              Somebody at Sling, ask the Release Manager if any new code went into production last night or today?  If the answer is no, then look at everything that happened in the last week. If nothing comes of that, then look at the accounts of the people having the problems and see if there is something that is similar about our accounts. For example, are we all on the same server, same area, etc, etc.


                                              I am attached to a 500 using free sling player for android on a Chromecast 2.  I don't think the sling box model matters much. 

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                                                  Golfbal1 Newbie

                                                  For the last 2 hours, I am still getting the scrunching Chromecast 2 issue using a 500, no HDMI cable, all component.  This time though I am not getting (so far) program guide error.  A couple of times it did not fail after 5 minutes, it took 10 minutes.  Also, two times I got the scrunching but then after a minute it went back to full screen and lasted a few minutes, then died.  That behavior was new.


                                                  I checked, it was exactly a week ago when I started experiencing issues, then 3 days later it started working with zero problems for 4 days, and now today, exactly a week later all my problems are back.

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                                                  Golfbal1 Newbie

                                                  WHAT WE KNOW

                                                  I agree, not ISP.

                                                  I don't think it has anything to do with HDMI and Component hook up.  I have 500 with no HDMI and have the issue.

                                                  We all have the Port forwarding setup


                                                  Issue for me started 1 week ago, then fixed itself 3 days later, then worked for 4 days, and then exactly a week later, to the day (Tuesday) the problem is back!!

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                                      Can we please get someone from Sling to check this thread and at least attempt to help. Everyone here is laying out the same basic issue that only exists with slingplayer and the Chromecast 2.0 hardware.

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                                          I have the same issue specifically with both of my chromecast 2's. I also have 2 chromecast 1's and 2 rokus. None of these devices have the issue. Only the chromecast 2's do.


                                          I'm using iOS 9 to start the stream, so it seems to be an issue with the slingbox to chromecast direct stream itself after the phone has handed it off.


                                          I would post a picture, but see no way to do so from my phone.

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                                        exact same problem here! Have a brand new Nexus player that I bought and a brand new Nexus 5. If it makes any difference I'm using the "premium" version of slingbox on android, the one you had to pay $15 for.

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                                          I'm having the same issue. has anyone figured out a work around yet?

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                                            I have the identical issue described in this thread. I have tried two different chromecast devices using a galaxy note 4 and galaxy tab tablet with the same results. Streaming is fine directly to the devices but occurs every time when attempting to cast from the slingplayer  app. Please advise.

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                                              I have just purchased a Chromecast 2 as a Christmas present exclusively to cast my Slingbox and most times after a few minutes I get the exact same crash as pictured in the thread.

                                              I am currently using it on the same network as my Slingbox 350

                                              I assume the other people in this thread are using a Chromecast 2 as well?

                                              I have used a number of Chromecast 1’s for some time using the same android app and never had this problem.

                                              I cast using the paid phone android app (I don’t have access to any other devices ie apple to try from those)

                                              I have already returned one Chromecast 2 to the retailer for a replacement as I assumed it was faulty but the replacement is the same.

                                              All other apps I have tried on the Chromecast 2, i.e. BT Sport, Youtube, BBC  Iplayer etc work flawlessly so it’s definitely a problem with the Slingbox app (either on the phone or more likely the Chromecast 2)

                                              Come on Slingbox, is the limit of your investigation “perform a factory reset” and that’s it?

                                              This thread was started 5 months ago now and I am disappointed that it is obviously a common problem that has not been resolved in this time.

                                              Thanks for any help on this matter



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                                                  What will it take for slingbox to fix this mess for chromecast? If they don't fix the mobile version, they should at least let us use chrome to cast the webpage to chromecast via laptop/ desktop. Nope, we get a popup that cant be casted and a $15 app that seems to mess up 19/20 times. I wish there was another company that would compete with slingbox. They dont seem to like customers much.

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                                                  Golfbal1 Newbie

                                                  I have same exact problem.


                                                  Here we are 2 weeks into January and no resolution?????


                                                  It could be SlingBox has no solution. If that is the case then someone needs to say as much.


                                                  They know they have a problem, simply plug in a Chromecast 2 and sling to it using a Slingplayer.  Wait 5 mins and presto!! Issue appears!!


                                                  Saying nothing about this issue is really ******* off the customers and those that have supported SlingBox for many years.

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                                                    Same problem.  Slingplayer or bad Chromecast 1.0?

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                                                        Same issue as of Oct31st 2016..


                                                        Some observations.

                                                        I cast to 3 TVs in my house and only one has this problem. 

                                                        I've tried switching out different Chromecast and have the same issues on just one Tv

                                                        My Tv is a video 4k... This is my only 4k Tv

                                                        Plugged into 60hz HDMI slot and had issue... Plugged into 30hz HDMI and thought it went away but it didn't.


                                                        I would suspect from my testing that there is a Tv incompatibility with either refresh rate or resolution.


                                                        Please note that all other streaming apps work fine on all other TVs


                                                        My visio is on 1080p when my Chromecast app is running.


                                                        Tv info:

                                                        Visio M55-C2

                                                        Version V1.3.34-UHD

                                                        Vertical frequency 50

                                                        Progressive YES



                                                        Everyone else tracking and posting please litlst details like this so we can get this issue resolved. It's such a pain in the **** to see this bug for so long.