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    Windows XP


      Don't know what happened, but I've been using my Slingbox on an XP computer for years..............and now it doesn't work.


      And apparently the new SlingPlayer App won't work with XP


      Do I have other options, besides updating to Win 7 or newer?


      Thanks in advance for your help.

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          Seems like all support for XP has ended (at least for me), for all browsers (IE8, Firefox, Chrome)


          I am still able to get it to work with Vista Business and either IE9 (by itself) or Chrome (with IE Tab Multi in IE9 standard mode)


          If anyone has any way to make it run under XP please reply.

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            evan.sling Novice

            Hi Ken!


            Yes, our Slingplayer for Web Plugin will no longer run under Windows XP.  Take a look at this article for what is currently supported:



            In the meantime, you may still be able to watch older Slingboxes (PRO-HD and older) using our older Slingplayer for Desktop app.  Here is the download link:



            Also, as a last resort, you can try using the Embedded Slingplayer, which we no longer support, but it may work:



            Hope this helps!



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                Hi Evan,


                Embedded player works in all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome), but is

                annoying to watch as it apparently uses a low frame rate, i.e., motion is

                very jerky. You can also use this through Facebook if for some reason you

                would want to do that.


                I once tried to Slingplayer 2.0 but it would not connect. Possibly there is

                some way to make it work but not obvious.


                I have set up Slingplayer on iPad and hope to use that with Roku streaming

                stick. Would prefer to use Roku 2 box, but at

                http://support.slingbox.com/KB/KB-2000582 the current Roku 2 box (model

                4210) is not listed, so I have to assume that it will not work with

                Slingplayer for iPad, unless you say otherwise.


                Will Slingplayer for IPad work with current Roku 2 (model 4210)?



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                    evan.sling Novice

                    No guarantee, but I believe your Roku 2 should work fine.  Just make sure you download the Slingplayer app in that Roku before you try.

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                        Hi Evan,


                        OK, Slingplayer 2.0 works over Internet under Vista, but only locally (same

                        network as Slingbox) under XP.


                        Running Setup Assistant on the local network, you get as far as trying to

                        login to slingbox.com, but then you just get a response screen that says

                        "Sling is improving our network"  "try again later" or something to that

                        effect, and you are stuck, because you can't go any further with Setup



                        Can you just confirm that you are basically blocking all login activity

                        under XP, and so really the only solution for XP is embedded player?


                        Or is there some way to bypass this login process altogether--I personally

                        don't care about it anyway, as the program guide there is inaccurate and I

                        can get a much better one off the web--all I want is connection between

                        Slingplayer and Slingbox.