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      I have a Slingbox 500--worked fine through the spring--went to watch football game the other night and got the following message:  "Your TV does not support the program's content protections.  Replacing the TV's HDMI cable with component cables and it will allow you to watch your program".


      Best Buy told me that it sounds as if the HD port on the TV or Sling Box went bad.  If it's the Sling Box it can't be replaced--but I didn't want to go to a component cable.

      I see where you can buy a replacement HD cable for the Sling Box--so really confused.


      Has anyone had this problem?

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Please get in the habit of doing a Forum Search for your question before posting.  This subject has dozens and dozens of posts. 


          Best Buy are talking rubbish.   What you are seeing is HDCP (Google it), your TV provider is actively preventing you from Slinging.   The solution is to remove the HDMI cable from the TV and feed the TV from the Component OUT plugs on the Slingbox.