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    Chromecast streaming not working, confirming my setup is correct, troubleshooting?

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      Hi - So I recently purchased a slingbox. I have the slinbox and set-top/cable box in location #1. I was hoping to watch on a television set via a chromecast in location #2 using my iphone to connect to the chromecast. Is this possible? Slingbox mentions in various places about the chromecast and the iphone being on the same network but does the slingbox need to be in location #2 for this to work? If the slingbox needed to be on the same network as the other two devices that would defeat the functionality of watching from another location right?


      Thus far, trying to cast from my iphone to the chromacast has yielded an "unable to connect" error message. If my setup is correct, is there anyway I can troubleshoot this error message in order to use the chromecast?


      Lastly, my hardware should all be able to handle this. I have an M1 slingbox, and FIOS is my television service. The streaming works to my iphone at this point, but I havent been able to use chromecast for my tv.