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    Sling 350 and Chromecast


      Is anybody able to use Sling Player for Phone to cast to a Chromecast?  I've tried casting to two different Chromecasts, as well as a Nexus Player.  I can connect/play video from my Sling 350 directly on my Android phone and on my computer, so my Slingbox should be set up correctly.  But when I select my Chromecast/Nexus Player from the Slingplayer menu, then click Connect, the Slingbox logo comes up on my TV with a spinning loading icon, then about a second later a box pops up in the top right that says "Unable to connect (2)" then it goes back to the Chromecast home screen.  But the Slingbox app on my phone thinks its connected fine.  I've tried in both the Slingplayer for Phones app (that I paid for a while back) as well as the newer Ad-supported SlingPlayer Free for Phones app, both show the exact same issue on all of my devices.


      For reference, the last time I'd tried to cast Slingbox to my Chromecast was about 6 months ago, and it was working then.  I hadn't tried again until today, and it doesn't seem to work now.

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          Yes I have the same issue. Worked on my 350 several months back, now fails 100% of the time on each of the 3 chromecasts in my home.  Other apps work just fine, HBO GO, Netflix, YouTube.  Looks like Sling engineering is not interested in addressing this bug. 

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              I have the same problem as well.  Fails 100% of the time.  Slingbox was one of the main reasons I bought a chromecast so I could watch sling on a bigger TV when traveling.   Like you I have found HBO GO, Showtime Anytime, etc work great on chromecast.   Sling does not