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    moved slingbox from one house to another


      I moved slingbox location from one house to another because I cancelled our cable and am leaching off another. I used to use an Emerson VCR

      After installation at the new location everything is working great and I am able to watch the new locations tv on the computer AT THE NEW LOCATION.

      When I returned home to check, regardless of browser




      I am not able to go in and configure the input to new locations Charter Cable set top box.

      The only thing that shows up under settings

      is Feedback

      and advance settings.

      At the new locations desktop the browser shows all kinds of setting buttons.

      I imagine I have to reconfiugre the input from Emerson VCR to Charter CAble set top box, but the options never show

      I click watch


      It only spins and spins and spins on the "Connecting to My Slingbox" page. It never finishes spinning on all 3 browsers.

      I have 26 mbps internet download speed

      and ie 11

      and most upto date mozilla

      Works not on laptop windows 8

      or desktop windows 7

      It used to work when the slingbox box was in my home now its been moved it does not connect.