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    Not in the Android Market


      Not sure if your aware of this yet but I will be the first one asking but I have been unable to find SlingPlayer in the Market.

      I have searched my past downloads, by app name, and developer name but I get a message that the app could not be located and to check my spelling.
      I have found that this is only on the DroidX market.
      Yeah I know I got one early!!!

      I can find it on my Droid, Incredible so its a DroidX market issue.

      I have already spoken to Verizon support who directed me to Moto, who then directed me to Google.
      The # Moto gave me for Google didn't take technical questions.
      So i now present this problem to you.

      Can you direct me as to how to get your app installed or recognized?
      OS is 2.1Update1