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    Does it work with HDMI box?

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      I live in France. I bought a refurbished Slingbox pro-HD from UK. I had TNT and I just changed to TV with internet (optic fiber). This service is called Livebox with the Orange company.

      The problem is that the connection between the TV box and the TV is done with a HDMI cable.

      To see the back of my TV box, go to http://www.echosdunet.net/bibliotheque/orange/LiveboxPlay/TestLiveboxPlay/arriereDecodeurUHD8792.jpg

      So I cannot use the component video cable to connect to the TV box.

      Do I have to sell or return my Singox pro-HD ? Or is there a trick to connect it?

      When I click "Contact us" on slingbox website, I a web page with "My slingbox products" and an empty blue rectangle. So I cannot contact Slingbox support. That's why I came here.