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    Activate the Firefox SlingPlayer Web Plug-in never ending page


      I'm using an M500, Windows XP SP3, Firefox latest version and plugin latest version. I activate the plugin but it doesn't activate. I've tried multiple times, gone back to Firefox version 39, and it still doesn't do anything. Keeps going back to the Activate the Firefox SlingPlayer Web Plug-in page. I was just watching something not even 3 days ago and it was working fine!

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Joshua!


          The version of Windows you are using (XP) is what stands out to me here.  Our web plugin only supports Windows 7 and higher.  Take a look at this article for reference:



          While we did not actively disable the web plugin for use with any version of Windows XP, we can no longer guarantee it will or will not work as intended on your version of Windows, despite whether or not it worked over the past few days.


          In the meantime, try the embedded Slingplayer.  We no longer support this version of Slingplayer either, but it might work for you:



          Hope this helps!



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              I have the same problem, but I was using Windows 8.  I just updated to windows 10 to see if it would fix it.  It didn't,  I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it numerous times.

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                  same for me.


                  i work with a company that develops 10's of thousands of new housing units, including military & student families. these families can really use a solution like slingbox to afford & see content they otherwise couldn't receive e.g. when deployed abroad. I prefer firefox for it's less commercial & arguably more secure platform, but slingbox hasn't stepped up to solve issues with it's firefox for pc & android plugins.


                  the slingbox plugin just isn't working in firefox. it works in explorer, even chrome. slingbox might think that's ok, but fact is it encouraged me to try something different; buy a roku & use the directv app more. i did that because long-time slingbox users (like me) have another challenge; remotely restarting the slingbox. it's something i've never had to do with my directv player.


                  at present i co-locate in two states & travel between both. i promote hsd/catv/telephony decisions within new housing i develop for a living. i benefit in no way by pressing companies to do what's already in their best interest. what i do is notify them of problems (just like you have) and see how they respond. if they can't/won't solve their own problems they're not the right company or technology for guys like me to suggest to the likes of military & student families. those families must maintain multiple households. in and of itself that means they don't have the time or $ to waste while companies like slingbox fiddle.

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                Samantha.Sling Apprentice

                Hello Joshua, Renee, and Jeffrey,


                In addition to what Evan did mention; if the issue is still within Firefox only, you can try these steps:


                •In the address bar type: "about:config"

                •A message will pop up for dangers of the these options agree to them.

                •Search for "xpinstall.signatures.required". It should have a value of True.

                •Right click on "xpinstall.signatures.required"

                •"Toggle" the value will change to false.

                •Relaunch Firefox

                When Mozilla updated their browser to 64bit only, this did affect the plugin, which is 32bit only. We are working with them on a permanent solution, but in the mean time, those are the steps they provided as a work around.

                I hope this helps!


                Sling Media Technical Support

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                    jwilson03 Newbie

                    I have used SlingBox for years with occasional, but always solved, problems. Suddenly I can't get it "No video signal". I tried aLL THREE BROWSERS: Firefox, Chrome and Edge, with no success. The box itself is in America; I'm in Thailand. My friend does all the adjustments to his box, so I depend on him. I tried to install SlingPlayer for Web, but with no success. According to my Downloads folder, I have successfully installed SlingPlayer for Web, but I keep getting the No Video Signal message. What's my problem?