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    "No Video Signal" but with audio after new DVR installed


      My Slingbox SOLO has been working great from my dad's house for 5 years. Last week he got a new cable box, and the only thing he can tell me about it is that it says Pace on the front. The Armstrong cable guy hooked up all the connections the way they used to be. But now my Slingplayer only gets audio and no video. It reads: "No Video Signal."


      When dad switches his TV to Component input, he can see and hear the signal from the cable box. So the Slingbox is receiving both video and audio and passing them through. It just isn't sending the video out over the internet.


      Here's what I have tried:

      1. Unplugged the HDMI cable from the box, so the only output is the Component.

      2. Cycled the power on the Slingbox.

      3. Run setup in Slingplayer, both remotely and from the same local network. Neither process will detect a video signal.

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Glenn!


          There is likely one of two things causing your issue.


          The first is that you may be running into a layer of copy protection called SOC (Selectable Output Control).  This issue is usually dealt with once the HDMI cable is disconnected from the cable box, but sometimes, a reboot of the cable box is required as well (leaving the HDMI cable out of course).  I would try once again disconnecting the HDMI cable from your cable box, and then unplug your cable box for 10 seconds, plug it back in.  See if that works.


          If not, then the next thing we want to do is make absolutely sure that the Slingbox is configured to get the audio and video signal from the correct source.  Basically, if the Slingbox is configured for the composite input (red, white, yellow cables), but the cables you have running to the Slingbox are component cables (red, blue, green, red, white), then you will still get audio from the audio cables, but you will get no video.  What I would do is go to setup.slingbox.com, and click "reconfigure video input."  Make sure you select the input that matches the cables running between the cable box and the Slingbox.  It sounds like you may have done this already, but I thought I would mention it here just to be sure.


          Here is an article on "no video signal" to reference:



          And here's an article that discusses SOC (it'll be towards the bottom of the article, and don't mind that it talks about the Slingbox 500 specifically):



          Hope this helps!