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    my slingbox cant be located


      I have a solid network and power light, I have been trying to setup the singbox for the first time but the (slingbox setup) window just keeps saying "locating your slingbox on the network" and it never changes. I have completely unplugged everything as well as doing a reset and hard rest, im out of options here.  Untitled.png

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          Slingbox support has no answer for this problem they should tell potential customers that if they are running windows 7X64 that slingbox is not for them as it doesn't work

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            evan.sling Novice

            Hi everyone!


            Just a note: setup.slingbox.com is meant for setting up and configuring Slingboxes PRO-HD and older.  Any models made after the PRO-HD (350, 500, M1/M2) use either newwatch.slingbox.com or the Slingplayer for Desktop application for setting up and configuration purposes.


            That said, if you come across the error "Locating your Slingbox on the network...", and it just sits there, the issue is most likely with the Slingplayer for Web plugin not running or (even more likely) not having been updated or installed.  My suggestion is to go to slingbox.com on Internet Explorer or Firefox, and click on "Watch" at the top.  This should get the Slingplayer for web plugin to download.


            Beyond that, if that still doesn't get setup.slingbox.com to work, here are a couple of articles you should take a look at:




            Hope this helps!



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                Thank you for your reply but the error I get is “cannot connect to Slingbox please check internet settings” error code W200. My router settings and my network must be ok because I have no trouble connecting with my iphone and my ipad. I used to be able to connect to Slingbox with my computer before sling box extension for web came along. I am running windows 7 64bit but my internet explorer is 32bit. I have also tried using chrome and get the same error except it is error code p4. I have also disabled windows firewall and my kaspersky anti virus software.  for some reason my computer cannot connect to my slingbox 500. Any suggestions you might have would be appreciated. When I used to login before the extension it worked fine, so I’m inclined to think it must have something to do with Sling for web extension. Thanks-Grant