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    Maspro DT70


      Hello all.  Here is the obligatory "I'm looking for a .bin file" for a one off device.
      I have a Maspro DT70 I'm trying to use to sling from Japan.  This is my first Slingbox (I used a Hava for years without issue).

      I have 2 questions. 

      1.  Does a BIN file for this remote exist anywhere that anyone knows of.

      2.  What happened to the "teaching" application that once existed for Slingbox?  It seems like they had the Hava feature of learning remote control codes but was dropped?  Is this right?  If so why!?


      So I guess that's 3 or 4 questions.


      Thanks for the help

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          alanrichey42 Master

          1.  No, and I can't find any IR details for this box.  But the Logitech database recommends the Maspro DT400 as an alternative.  Give it a try (follow the link)


          2.  Sling took it offline a long time ago.  They didn't give any reason but it was always a bit flaky and I think it was generating too many support calls.