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    Slingbox to Chromecast


      I have searched all over the forums - really have seen mostly Android issues and haven't been able to solve the problem.


      I have a robust WIFI network, Slingbox 350 and both Slingplayer for iPhone and iPad free version and version 3.4.?? for way back.  I have (3) Chromecasts with (1) just added 2 days ago. The ChromeOS is up to date.


      My problem is I never get the casting icon.  Despite resets, reboots on the iPhone or Ipad and Chromecast, it simply never appears.


      I am attempting to connect using devices on the local WIFI - I am not attempting to traverse the internet.


      Any recommendations or places to check?  Some said ensuring the device was streaming via TCP but that appears for only over the Internet.

      Thanks, Jason