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    Legacy Slingbox Solo P-4 error

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      I had comcast as my provided and no issues using my Slingbox remotely in Singapore.  I know have ATT and need help to access outside of my network.  I have tried to reconfigure my router to no luck. For the router config, it is asking me to select a computer, for this do I select the router or the Slingbox or the PC I plan on using?  Then I edit the firewall settings and "add" slingbox fromt he App list to the host list and save.  Provides me with config successful...but still cannot access outside my own network. In the firewall active screen I see Device= Cisco_AP_ATT with allowed connection connectCiscoAP and then tcp and port 443 then I see under Device my computer name and then Slingbox for allowed device, tcp, and port 5001.  Frustrated...can someone please assist.


      In addition my brother is in Singapore now and we are trying even with entering his static IP and adding Slingbox from the App list to the Host list.