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    Slingbox Pro HD

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      Suddenly my slingbox stopped working after being used for about a year, maybe a bit more, and im having a hard time making it work again.


      Power light is on all the time, but the light for ethernet connection is flashing constantly, with or wirhout the cable.


      I tried both soft and hard reset, and nothing seems to work!? I never get any light in the sling logo at the front. Is my slingbox fried somehow?


      I have read online some have had semilar experience, but they have fix it by replacing the power adapter!? But could this really be the fix? I mean, i do have lights on, so it must be working the powersupply.

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          alanrichey42 Master

          Not really.   The Slingbox is very sensitive to voltage levels so if the power supply goes off a bit it can cause all sorts of weird symptoms.


          You will never get the logo flashing, as that is when the box is connected to a player, and your symptoms show that you are not getting a  proper network connection, so you will never get to the connected state.   Have you tried rebooting the router ?

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            Hi, I have purchased a number of Slingbox's over the years, plus SlingCatcher's as I travel to different countries a lot. I pulled my hair out for a long time as I could not connect on occasions over the internet, yet when I checked the Sling boxes on returning home, all the power lights were on. I reset, reconfigured, I spent money calling their help lines. Nothing. Then I replaced the power adapters, and problems solved. Trouble is the adapters keep failing, I have just purchased another three via the Sling web site (UK), to replace the four I have sitting here uselessly that I purchased from another supplier. I have spare adapters in my other home in Malaysia ready to replace old adapters as required.