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    SlingBox 500 Connection Drop

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      NOTE:  I am unable to "REPLY" to the response to my previous post on this matter.



      Thanks Evan.  Will be a few days before I know if anything I have done will make a difference.


      I think I might have set the Port Forwarding, but I don't think I have a static IP address, and am unclear on how to to so if that is the case.


      The S/B settings on the router are as follows:  Does it look OK?


      IP Address:
      Subnet Mask:
      MAC Address:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:
      Connection Type:

        Wireless 5G

      Protocol Supported:N
      Radio Configuration (T x R : S):NA x 3 : 2
      PHY Rate / Modulation Rate:300 Mbps
      Network Connection: Bridge
      Lease Type:


      Port Forwarding Services:


      Destination Ports 5201


      To test if this device is connected to your broad band home router, click the 'Test Connectivity' button.



      Not really clear on most of it, but I take it that the Lease Type being "Dynamic" means I have no Static IP?????


      If I try to set a Static IP address--does that mean it is statci for the entire router, or only for a single peripheral?