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    SlingBox 500 Connection Drop


      After almost 3 years of fairly smooth use of the Slingbox 500 at home and a WDTV Live at the getaway place, I upgraded the FIOS at home, and they gave me a new router/modem.  It is an Actiontec M1424WR.



      I did a hard re-set of the SB and let it re-install itself to the new network settings.  It was not all that smooth (I think maybe the SB did some firmware-updating along the way), but the SB did finally find the new network, and connect to it.  The SB then played on my PC.



      Our first weekend away using the WDTV to SB connection has it consistently losing the connection to the SB at or around the 3-minute mark.  Using the "B" button, as another poster suggests, the connection indicates "relay".  the other poster then suggests setting the port-forwarding.



      Is this something that should have been set during the initial installation/connection of the SB to the new router and network?  Or rather, is this something I would need to set manually?   Note that he SB works just fine using Slingplayer through an android device and ROkU, onto the big TV.



      Thanks for any suggestions.

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi keepontruckin!


          You're on the right track.  You're probably losing connection on the WDTV because your home router is not allowing the Slingbox to stream in TCP (Top Connection Protocol).  During Slingbox setup, most of the time the router configures itself to allow TCP streaming for the Slingbox, but a handful of them do not.  This results in the Slingbox streaming in Relay, which is known to cause connection issues when using connected devices like the WDT.V  That's probably the case here.  When this happens, port forwarding needs to be manually set in the router at home.


          Here is a quick article, which contains a link to help you through the port forwarding process in your home router:



          You will want to set up port forwarding for port 5201 for the Slingbox.


          Hope this helps!