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    Alternative for SlingCatcher using a SlingBox Pro HD at home

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      So my 2nd SlingCatcher has died and they are no longer made, so I am looking for a permanent replacement to play content on my bedroom TV.  I have a SlingBox Pro HD, so ideally I need something compatible with that model, does not use wireless exclusively , and I need to watch Sky satellite TV.  I use a homeplug network solution and don't have a smart TV.  I could reinvest in a newer Sling model, but only if I am confident I have explored the other options first and there are no better solutions on the market.


      I have tried using the free SlingPlayer app on my ipad, but the quality of image and sound is simply appalling.  I don't have great wireless connectivity in my bedroom, but even if I am in the same room as the wireless router, it is still unacceptably poor quality even if I choose auto or non-HD settings.  Makes me dubious about any device streaming options.  I can use the Sky Go app and other video players in my bedroom and the quality is perfect, so I don't blame the network.


      Whatever solution I go for, it must not use my mobile devices to stream the signal constantly, so mirroring is not an option.


      I have heard there are a number of options at Slingbox.com - How to watch your Slingbox on a TV but they say mirroring is the only option with a SlingBox Pro HD (though it is unclear in the article if it applies to the last section, or the whole page).


      Have any of you found a good solution for my issue?  Ideally someone who uses their solution regularly.


      Quality of video/sound and an easy to use remote (either via a mobile device or normal remote) is important.


      I have been looking at videos and reviews on the net for devices such as Roku, WD TV, ChromeCast and Apple TV.  Ideally I would like to try Apple since I already have another couple of iOS devices, but nothing has really stood out as being the best solution.