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    Internet speed question

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      If I have a Slingbox at my home and want to sometimes watch TV at a second home (could be at a friends house or a vacation home using my chromecast for example), is this how it works? If I have this straight, the programing signal goes into the Slingbox at my home first using my home's internet service, but the home TV need not be on. The home Slingbox then "slings" the programming signal to the TV at the second home where the program can be viewed via Chromecast. If this is correct, then the quality of the content viewed at the second home is equal to the slowest of the 3 internet speeds: 1st home download speed, then 1st home upload speed, then 2nd home download speed. Additionally, both homes data limits are used. Do I have this right?

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          Hi dmrsmmac$sb!


          You almost have it right.


          First, to use the Chromecast, you first need to be streaming the Slingbox on a mobile device (iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone, or Android tablet) using our Slingplayer app.  Then, from there, if your mobile device is on the same wifi network as a Chromecast, you can then hand off the stream from the mobile device to the Chromecast.  So, the video signal goes from the cable box, to the Slingbox, then across the internet to your mobile device (once you hand the stream off to your Chromecast, it will then be going to your Chromecast instead of your mobile device).  Here is an article to reference as far as the Chromecast is concerned:



          Also, the internet speeds that matter as far as picture quality in a Slingbox is concerned is upload speed at the home location, and download speed at the remote location.  We recommend 2.0 for both those speeds for a stable connection for the Slingbox.  And yes, streaming the Slingbox remotely does use data at both locations.


          Hope this helps!