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    Slingbox customer service is the worst I have ever encountered!-Wouldn't touch one again!-Buyer Beware!

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      Hi all,


      Bought a slingbox HD back in 2012 and when I went to use it recently found it had stopped working since last time, around 12 months ago or immediately it had passed it's warranty period.  Nothing has changed in my home setup at all, (same tv, same internet signal and provider, same cables and connections) so after a lot of effort moving modems/routers and various cables around it is clear that the slingbox itself just doesn't recognise the network signal anymore.  Now given the box sits in a cupboard and doesn't ever move I am baffled as to how this can happen and I for one hold slingbox fully responsible as it's clearly a hardware issue hence I get onto what really ****** me off - the absolute absence of any customer service.  The main and quite hilarious problem being that the website simply doesn't load any of the support pages at all for me in the UK, they briefly flicker up for half a second and then redirect to some bloody sales page which is particularly insulting when you've already got one of their products and you're trying to get it fixed yet can't even get hold of anyone to complain to or get any support from.

      So the support webpages won't load in the UK, there's no phone number to contact and to get even a false promise of help via this useless forum (because no-one from the actual company ever appears to give any actual help just links to **** poorly written webpages that don't address your issue and don't work anyway 90% of the time assuming you can load them) you actually have to sign away any right to get them to fix or respond to your query at all.

      So I'm now leaving a fairly blind rant on the discussion board as there's nowhere else to put it or no slingbox person to direct it to.

      In short this is the most appalling customer sevice/product combination I've ever encountered and the only thing I can liken it to would be like downloading a music album from apple and every year they change their encoding but rather than letting you have the new encoder for free they expect you to rebuy the entire album again, every year for the rest of your life which suddenly makes the slingbox appalling value for money!