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    access slingbox from several accounts (not in the same time)


      I had a slingbox Solo on my account.

      My freind had also another Slingbox Solo on his account.


      Until now my freind could access my slingbox device from his account (when I'm not using it) with a viewr password.  If I tried to watch my sling box in my account while my freind was watching my slingbox, I could "kick him" out using my "admin password".


      And of course,

      I could access my freind's slingbox from my account (as a viewer only) when my friend didn't use the device. He coul'd alwayse "disconnect" me with his admin password if he tried to watch his slingbox while I was watching it.


      Every Slingbox Solo had a uniqe ID so we could add it to other accounts to watch the same device from several accounts (Not in the same time!!!)



      Now, my slingbox Solo was broken so I bought a new Slingbox M1


      I made all the Setup with the new Slingbox M1 under My account and it works. I can see it in the "directory" of my account.


      I also still see my freind "Slingbox Solo" in my account directory and access it as a viewer when he dosn't use his device.


      My Problem is that I can't add my slingbox M1 device to my freind's account, So he could watch it when I'm not using my device.

      We tried to aceess my freind account (in the slingplayer app and in the web account) from the same network where my slingbox M1 is connected, but still the device is not listed on my frind's "directory"

      Only if we did "hard reset" to the slingbox and setup it "from the beginig"  under my freind's account, the slingbox M1 was displayd on his directory,  but then the device was disappear from My account.

      So My question is:

      How can I setup my Slingbox M1 on my account and let my freind watch my device (not in the same time) under his account, As it was before?