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    Connection to phone


      I set up my sling box pro and it works on my computer but when I use the app on my phone it tells me I need to configure my sling box needs some help with this

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          evan.sling Novice

          Hi Leonard!


          Well, the Slingbox I see on your account is a Slingbox SOLO, but the troubleshooting should be the same in this instance...


          First, you should try uninstalling and reinstalling the Slingplayer application on your phone, and see if it works.


          If that does not work, there is still one more step you may need to go through, and that is to set up internet viewing.  Doing this should help you use your Slingbox while you are outside your home network.


          To do this, go to:



          Then, go to Set up Internet Viewing, and run through that process.


          If it doesn't quite work (saying either internet viewing has not been set up, or is *almost* complete), you may need to help the process along by setting up port forwarding in your home router.  Here's an article that contains a link that should help you through this process on your router:



          Once done, run through setting up internet viewing once more.  If done correctly, it should go through this time, and you should be able to connect on your phone.


          Hope this was helpful!