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    Slingbox 500 Update stuck

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      My Slingbox has been sitting for a couple hours on the screen that says "Preparing Slingbox Update" There is no progress bar and the instructions clearly say NOT to reset or remove power. What do I do?

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          Alas, there is probably no help for this unless you are still under warranty.  Mine was working for 3 years until I moved and tried to install in the new location. During the set up procedure (not done using a computer, so that was not the problem) it would not recognize that I have a new internet provider and am therefore using new hardware. Therefore I had to do a reset as recommended on the Slihgbox support website for such situations. Actually I tried two resets with the same results as you: it stalls after downloading the update software. I finally called Slingbox "support".  They acted like I was the first to report this problem. And after customer rep #1 conversed with another rep she told me that they have no solution, i.e. I have a new $350 paperweight.  This company and their products should be totally shunned.