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    FiOS Upload Speed Under 500 kbps

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      Recently changed from Comcast to FiOS for Internet and TV.  With the Slingbox 350 on Comcast streaming rates were 2-4 Mbps.  With the same Slingbox 350 on FiOS streaming initially starts at 800-916 kbps and quickly settles to 0-232 kbps.  According to Verizon's speed test (speedtest.verizon.net) the upload speed is 10+ Mbps.  Tried all the usual tricks - power cycled the Verizon gateway and the Slingbox, had Verizon do a remote system reboot.  A Verizon technician come out to check the system. 


      1) First he replaced the Optical Network Termination box.  No change.

      2) Next turned off UPnP on the Quantum gateway device.  No change.

      3) Next replaced the Quantum gateway device.  No change.


      Any ideas?