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    Sound issue

    wshepard19 Newbie

      For those that incounter a sound issue, as I just did today.  Check to see if the cable box volume is up.  Sounds dumb, but today we had no sound.  Called home and they had sound on the tv.  Checked cables and all.  After thinking about it, something so small was the answer.  The volume on the box was turned down,  they turned it back up and now I have sound again.  The remote I pull up online doesn't have a sound control or I just havent found it yet. The slingbox is working off the sound volume from the cable box not the volume on the tv set. I'm just mentioning this b/c we were confused as to why no sound on the computer but sound on the TV. We thought something broke. I'm sure we might not be the only one nor the first. Just wanted to throw something out there for some to try.