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    Are yuo also having extremely poor streaming quality


      I am (still) experiencing  extremely poor quality when using my slingbox. (Pro-hd).

      The sound is lacking, and the Picture is mostly still-Pictures, or in best cases it's updated some seconds after the sound. I know for sure, that SlingBox people will tell me this is due to poor internet connection on one/both end. !!! BUT the stupid add's they are throwing at me works fine with no lack or latency !!!.


      Also every other streaming i am dooing on the same device Works great. (Netflix/HBO/television stations etc.). My slingbox is located at home, and I have a 50/5 Mbit connection, and no one else is using this connection.

      I have been using Slingbox for quite some year now, but it seams to be near the end. The quality is getting worse and worse, and all slingplayer updates are just making things even worse.


      Godbye slingbox --- If you do not improve, it's not worth using your product anymore.

      I can stream in better quality directly from most TV stations, and well-functioning streaming services like Netflix or HBO works much better than your systems.! - WITH ADD'S I HAVE NOT ACCEPTED !!


      Does anyone else have the same experience ?



      One frustrated slingbx owner.