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      1) I've purchased a Slingbox Pro HD. I am able to view my cable TV channels just find on the SlingPlayer 1.0 desktop software via laptop computer, but during the "setup assistant" it was unable to configure for remote viewing. My wifi router is a Linksys EA3500 and it is not an option in the drop down box, so it requested that I "manually" configure. A pop up window appeared with the IP address, etc. that it was able to find for my wifi router, but when I click "continue" for it to use that information, it then says the setup was unsuccessful. As I have read into this issue, a few people have spoken of port forwarding. Forgive me, but my knowledge of port forwarding is limited. Could someone PLEASE instruct me on what to do from this point in order to properly setup for remote viewing. Ultimately, I'd like to at least be able to view my cable TV subscription on my laptop away from home and perhaps also on my android cell phone. After all...that's the purpose for a Slingbox...

      2) Also, it seems when I am viewing my basic cable on the computer, it is more "fuzzy" and granulated compared to the same channel being viewed on a different TV within the house (same room.) I currently have the typical & recommended setup using the coax cables from the wall (no cable box) into the Slingbox Pro HD coax port (has a built in tuner so no cable box required) etc. etc... Is there another setup that would provide me with better picture quality? Even tho I have a Slingbox Pro HD, I understand my picture quality is only as good as the typical TV resolution offered by the cable company...but I suspect there may be a way to increase the quality so that at least I am able to better tell the sports scores on the TV.

      Your timely responses and resolution is very much appreciated!