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    Can I use a real remote to control slingplayer


      Hey everyone.


      I have a slingbox HD hooked up to a RCN cable box at my Dad's place. Over at my place I have a home theater pc hooked up to my tv. Everything is hooked up and working great and I'm able to stream HD content and control the cable box just fine. The only problem is its a pain to use a keyboard and mouse to control the on screen remote. I have an IR receiver hooked up to this pc already for when I use media center so I was hoping to be able to use the actual remote that came with the cable box at my Dad's that the slingbox is hooked up to to control the sling player at my place. Is this possible? Is it possible to use any "real, physical" remote to control the sling software or do you just have to use the onscreen virtual remote?


      I'm really hoping it's possible to control it with a real remote. If anyone can point me in the direction or let me know if its even possible that would be awesome.